Poetry: Introduction

Here’s the thing: I don’t write poetry. I spent most of my life terrified of it like the majority of people. Poetry terrified me.

It wasn’t until college that I started having that terror challenged. I’ve been struggling ever sense to stop being so afraid of poetry. I’ve made a lot of strides when it comes to reading poetry. I don’t feel scared to read a poem like I used to, and I’ve learned to enjoy them.

When it comes to writing though, I haven’t managed the same thing. I have always written prose, and I imagine that’s always what I’ll write more than anything. I don’t plan to be a poet. Still, I have this overwhelming terror of trying to write poetry that I don’t want. The only exposure I’ve had to writing poetry in school that I can remember was one haiku in high school and one found poem in college.

I’ve said over and over again that I would write more poetry, but I never do. That’s partially because my instinct is to write prose, but I’m not ruling out avoidance as a contributing factor.

All of this is to say that I want to start posting poems here on occasion because it will give me an actual reason why I have to write more poetry.

However, I think this has also shown you that you shouldn’t expect anything at all when it comes to these poems. Most of them are going to be rough drafts because the idea of trying to present a poem as a finished draft feels me with insane levels of dread. Scribbling something down is at least progress, and it feels like there’s less pressure.

So, yes, whatever you’re going to read here is going to be terrible. I’m doing this for no reason than that I want to make myself write more poetry.

In all honesty, I was going to go ahead and post a poem with this post, but this introduction turned out longer than I planned. I think it would do better as it’s own post that I can reference back to whenever I post a poem so that people know what to expect.

My reasoning is only partially because I’m terrified to post a poem. I will force myself to at some point. You can hold me accountable. I don’t have plans to become a published poet, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying.

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