What’s Childhood Without Cartoons?

I watched a lot of cartoons as a kid just like everyone. The list of my favorites is so long that I’m always guaranteed to miss one if I try.

I haven’t even seen most of them in years, although I wish I could say that I owned them all on DVD or something. I don’t, but that’s a small goal of mine for some time in the future.

Over on my personal blog, I wrote a few days ago about how I often get in sentimental moods. What I didn’t mention in that post, is that these sorts of moods also lead to me watching old cartoon clips that I can find on Youtube for hours. Particularly theme songs.

I was rewatching Rugrats and All Grown Up before they got pulled off of Netflix along with all of Nickelodeon’s shows (all of which I had been planning to watch). I’m still bitter about it.

The more and more I go back to watch those shows though, the more I wonder how they influenced me growing up. Am I a different person because of the shows I watched as a kid? I don’t have an answer because I’ve never met that version of me. Maybe I would be exactly the same. Maybe I wouldn’t.

I’m confident about stating that Harry Potter shaped me into who I am today, and I’m not adverse to saying it about other things too. It’s probably safe to say that the cartoons I watched as a whole had some sort of effect on me, even if I don’t know how. Rugrats, in particular, would have had an effect on me, although I can’t pinpoint any specific way that it did. There’s just no way it didn’t.

You know how there are those types of people who like things and have to annoyingly push those things on everyone else? I’m one of those people. I’ve already thought a lot about how to introduce any future children I have to Harry Potter. (Should they see the movies first? Should I start reading the books to them from the beginning or wait until their old enough to comprehend it? Should I let them read them only once they’re reading on their own since that is the way I read them as a kid? There are so many options, and I just don’t know what to go with.) Unsurprisingly, I’ve had the same exact thoughts about the shows I watched as a kid.

Part of the motivation for owning all those shows? (Aside from watching them myself, of course, because that’s the main reason.) Pushing them on other people. Any future kids I have will just bear the brunt of that. I don’t even think I can be sorry about it.


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