Dear Little Mix

This is part of my series where I write letters to people that may or may not be “real” and who I may or may not have the ability of actually write to.

Dear Little Mix,

I’ve written to each of you before, although I can’t be sure that you read them. I gave them to you when I met you at your Indianapolis signing, and I kind of shoved them at you because I got too overwhelmed to do anything else. If I could do the day over again, I’d try to say something to each of you.

Each of you were so sweet to me that day though when I was a nervous wreck. Every single one of you acted like you hadn’t already been handed countless letters from countless other fans. You made me feel like my letters were truly special. If I hadn’t loved you guys before, I did after that.

I don’t even think I’ve ever described how I became a Little Mix fan at length. What I do know is that the first time I ever wrote it down was in the letters I gave to you guys that day.

I gave this all to you before, but I’m not above repeating it. I had such terrible homesickness freshman year of college. I was miserable. Wings had come out that summer, and I had loved it immediately. So technically I was already a fan by then, but it reached a new level when I started school. I started listening to Wings and almost nothing else because it was one of the only things that helped me feel better. You girls started meaning so much to me during that time span, and you haven’t stopped since then.

Meeting you was one of the greatest days of my life, and then a year later I got to see you in concert and was only a few rows from the stage. I don’t think I’ve ever been more thankful for something in my life.

You’re working on your third album now, and god knows we’re all eagerly waiting for it. I know it’s going to be just as amazing as the first two after the hard work you’ve put into it. As will everything else you go on to do in the future.

I’m looking forward to all of it.


Haley Keller

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