The Back Story That’s Not in the Story

The thing about stories is that they have to start and end somewhere. They’re not all encompassing tales of the lives of every character that graces their pages. Each character is always going to have back story that the readers aren’t privy to. Although, if the story is popular enough, readers will come up with their own.

As someone who’s written fanfiction since she was eleven, this is something that has always fascinated me. There are many characters I want to know everything about even if I know it would make for a boring book.

One of the things I love about creating characters is that I know all of this back story. Now, I also subscribe to the belief that if it’s not in the book, it’s up to the reader to fill in the blank. Anything I don’t write down, isn’t part of a character’s story (unless a reader wants it to be).

Still, there are aspects of character’s back stories that influence what they do in what I write, even if it’s never explored. I love hinting at that sort of stuff.

When it comes to The Society, the various characters get varying amounts of their back story revealed. Ledia, for instance, is the narrator and gives up quite a bit of information, but for other characters, it depends.

Miles is my favorite example. While I’ve had fun dropping hints about his past, Miles is too closed off of a person, even to his best friend, to reveal much. It’s not like he has an incredibly dark past. He just doesn’t like revealing everything.

I’ve had an increasing amount of fun with Miles as I write The Society. At first, I didn’t find him all that interesting. He was a very minor character. Then, he grew in importance as I also developed a back story for him that made him much more intriguing to me.

I’m still not quite sure how much of that back story is going to wind up coming out in the story itself in the end, but it’s fun to play around with. With all the characters, just not Miles. He just happens to be the one interesting me the most at the moment.

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