No Buts

“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Sandy looked up from her book but only for a split second. I held back a groan of frustration as she kept reading and didn’t comment on what I had just said.

“I don’t-”

“I heard you the first time, Axel.”

At least she answered.

“Then why won’t you say anything?”

“I already explained myself. It’s your own fault you won’t accept the explanation and move on.”


“Nope. No buts. I said what I have to say. The end. The rest if your problem, not mine.”

This time I did growl in frustration, and I got up to leave the room. I couldn’t watch her continue to read anymore.

I could hear her slight laughter as I went, and I didn’t stop myself from banging my bedroom door a bit as I closed it. It only increased her laughter. I flung myself onto my bed, buried my face in a pillow, and screamed. Just enough to let out my frustration and definitely not enough for Sandy to hear.

I couldn’t deal with anymore laughter.


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