There’s a transient quality about being in college that you don’t stop to think about until you’re packing up to go back yet again. That’s when it hits you that you’re going to be doing this a lot over the next several years.

I know that I’ll have to go through all of my belongings once a year to decide what’s going with me and what’s staying behind this time. The decision’s become easier since I was a freshman, but I still don’t feel comfortable leaving stuff behind. There’s still a part of me that wants to go back to high school just so I could know that all the stuff I own is in one place and accessible. If I realize I need something, I just have to search around my room, not get it mailed or just go without it.

I’m not sure if I’ll reach a point before graduation where I’m ever comfortable with it. If things go according to plan, I’ll be living in a state of having many of my belongings at my parents’ house for quite a while. While that isn’t going to change my future plans, I wish it wasn’t that way. I wish I could pack up all of my belongings, but I also don’t need to pack up books I read in third grade up with me everywhere I go. But I’m too nostalgic to not keep them.

Dorm life is definitely a crash course in minimalism. At least in my experience. And I think that’s a good thing for the most part. I’ve learned to get along fine with a smaller number of things around me.

That hasn’t changed the melancholy feeling I get when I think about having my stuff spread over two different places. It makes me uncomfortable for reasons that I’m not even sure I understand. And I hate to think it’s not ending any time soon.

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