She rolled to the side as the object came crashing down beside her. She didn’t have time to look and see what it was as she pushed herself off the ground and sprinted away.

She could hear the sounds of it all behind her. They could try to keep up, but speed had always been her strength.

She whipped her head from side to side. The guys were nowhere to be seen. Like usual. She was always on her own in these moments. They’d meet up afterwards, and they’d fist bump about their accomplishments and crack jokes about how she hadn’t been there to help. As if she hadn’t been out there accomplishing more than they could hope to. On her own no less, which she would never get credit for.

Then Bob would try to stick his tongue down her mouth. Again. The same misogynistic BS she put up with every day in this line of work.

But she heard the grunt of one of the goons behind her and couldn’t stifle a smile. That was why she did this. For her own satisfaction, not anyone else’s.


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