First Kiss

Everything looked magical in the movies. Martha wasn’t naive enough to think stuff like that was real.

That didn’t mean it wouldn’t have been nice to see just how not real it was for herself.

Her friends had all had their first kisses by now. Most of them have even had their second, third, fourth, and so on. It left Martha the lone one out, and none of their stories about how awkward the moment was left Martha feeling any better.

She wanted to experience it whether it was terrible or not, and she was determined to get there. The “right time” be damned.

There was just the problem of not having anyone to kiss. She’d gone through everyone in her mind that she knew, and all of them were ruled out for some reason or another. Too nervous to ask, too old to ask, in a relationship, the excuses were endless.

How did people find people to kiss?

At this point, Martha would have taken just about anyone who wasn’t too creepy and around her age. She wasn’t asking for much. A peck on the lips would do for now, and the other person could just go on with their lives.

It felt like such a simple request until she contemplated making it to somebody.

Martha frowned at her reflection in the mirror. It was too bad she couldn’t kiss herself. That seemed like the only plausible option.

Then, she froze, eyes widening. She leaned in slowly until her lips touched the glass, and she jerked back instantly.

Yeah, no. That hadn’t counted.

Her cheeks flamed despite the fact that no one was around to see her shame.

She really was desperate. God. It was pathetic. She needed to find someone.

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