The Tipping Point

No, no, no. That wouldn’t do.

Esther pushed herself away from the desk in frustration, sending the chair gliding across the floor. Her eyes remained firmly on the computer screen, judging the image of her sitting there and looking back.

Vlogging was hard. Much harder than she had anticipated. She thought and thought about what she would say, but when the camera came on, she undoubtedly because incoherent. She’d give up at some point and just decide that she’d make sense of it through editing later.

Then she always reached this point where she just couldn’t make sense of it through editing. Would taking a break and editing more later be successful? Or should she just give up on this particular video now?

She’d do the former because it would bug her if she didn’t.

Not that more editing would do wonders for her stress level.

Esther sighed as she reached forward, having to push the chair forward again to reach the mouse. She clicked play and watched herself blubber on and on up on the monitor. She didn’t bother pausing it or editing it at all, just let the footage run and tried to visualize where she could make cuts. What were the essential things she was saying? That’s what she should focus on. Ignore the other bits.

It would be a long night.

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