The Meaning of Greta’s Name in The Society

We’re continuing the series on how I arrived at The Society’s character’s names with Greta, the best friend of Ledia.

I’m going to be honest right now. While I went ahead and modeled the title of this post after the past two posts, my use of the name Greta has little to do with its meaning. In fact, it has nothing to do with it. I used the name Greta purely because the character Greta is a vampire and Greta sounded like a vampire-ish name to me. I could be the only person who sees it that way, but for some reason, Greta stood out to me as something I could see a vampire going by. And that’s why I used it.

It had nothing to do with the meaning. But if you’re curious about the meaning, Greta means pearl. I wish I could come up with a clever way to connect that meaning to the character, but I’ve got nothing. It just sounded right.

And I’m going to have to say the same thing about Greta’s last name: Petri. It’s a form of Peter, which means rock (as I’m sure there are Christians out there who know), and I suppose I could go into a sentimental spiel about how Greta, as Ledia’s best friend, is Ledia’s rock. But that’s not why I chose the name. I chose the name because it reminded me of vampires, and I think I know why that is.

This is somewhat embarrassing, but bear with me here. You know the Land Before Time movies? You know the flying dinosaur named Petrie? Well, it took me a bit to work this out, but I’m pretty sure my mind did this association thing where it went from Petrie to bats to vampires. So you can do whatever you want with that association.

So, that may be kind of strange, but the point is my brain somehow associated the name Petri with vampires, and I just felt like it fit. Yep. I think Greta is the only main character where I can say that neither her first or last name was chosen with any basis on meaning. A lot of the other main characters don’t have super symbolic sort of names, but I did try to take the meaning into account when naming them. With Greta, they just sounded right.

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