I glance around at all the people, and I feel invigorated. This is unlike anything I’ve ever experience except in my dreams. And dreams are never quite like reality.

People bustle around everywhere, but they’re not just people. They’re fans. Massive fans. Die-hard fans. People like me. People who will wear Hogwarts robes in the Florida heat and love every second of it.

I’m finally in their presence, and I feel like rolling around on the floor in happiness. A part of me feels like I wouldn’t be judged for it. Probably because I know I won’t be judged for almost all the things I usually am back at school.

These people get me in a way my classmates don’t, and they’re everywhere. It’s surreal. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to experiencing real magic.

It’s about what I imagine stepping into Hogwarts would feel like.

Someone rams into me from behind, and I remember that this is, in fact, reality. Not a mirage. I’m solid, and I’m standing in the middle of a busy hallway, blocking people’s path. With a quick apology, I begin to move again, stepping into the crowd and merging with them.

I know that I’ll never want to leave.

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