The Meaning of Devon’s Name in The Society

Time for another post where I talk about the meaning of a character from The Society’s name. This time Devon is up.

“Devon” was chosen for similar reasons as “Greta” was chosen in that I was drawn to it because I liked the sound of it. It’s Celtic, and it has several different meanings: poet, fawn, and little dark one. I chose it based on the first meaning. The second two don’t have much to do with Devon unless you consider the fact that he has dark hair and eyes.

Devon’s not a poet or a writer of any kind, but he tends to be the most perceptive of all the characters, which is a trait I associate with poets. He’s not a encyclopedia-like character like Hermione Granger, but he tends to makes meaningful observations. This is especially true when it comes to reading other people or a situation. There’s a sense of intuitiveness about him. I chose “Devon” as a reference to that in the end.

Devon’s last name isn’t set in stone yet. I’ve been using a placeholder, but I dislike it so much that I’m not going to mention it here. (It’s something I honestly haven’t thought about in a long time, since Devon’s last name isn’t pertinent to the story.) I do know that his last name, when chosen, will be Spanish because Devon is half Mexican. Other than that, I’m still deciding though, and I’m not sure what I’ll choose in the end.

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