Dear J.K. Rowling

If my letter to Hermione wasn’t a sign, your creation is extremely important to me. I can say that Harry Potter is one of the top five most influential things in my life. (We won’t argue about what number one is.)

As a child, it helped shape my view of the world in the best possible way. It gave me a place to escape to, and one I still escape to frequently. It gave me characters to look up to and aspire to emulate.

When I got a little older and realized I wanted to be a writer, you were my biggest inspiration. You still are. I will always attribute a lot of my desire to write to wanting to create worlds like Hogwarts.

While I loved reading before, the fandom turned that love into something  stronger. I have you, Jo, to think for that even being a possibility.

I had no idea when I went to see the first Harry Potter movie at eight what was about to change in my life. That change has meant more than almost anything.


Haley Keller

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