The Meaning of Miles’ Name in The Society

Here it is. The last post on the names of characters in The Society. I know that for interviews I did Layton and Hunter, but since they come into the story late, I’m not including them in the names posts for now. I’m sticking to characters who are in the story from the beginning.

The meaning of the name “Miles” actually isn’t clear. Different sources say different things, and most of them list several different possible meanings. This is another one of those names I chose for the sound of it, but I like the uncertainty caused with no clear meaning. It fits Miles.

At the beginning, Miles’ character is uncertain because of his friendship with Huritt and Huritt’s ambiguity. But, as the story goes on, Miles begins to show an ambiguity of his own. The others begin to realize they might not know everything about Miles. I like that that’s somewhat reflected in the name.

Miles’ last name (as of right now) is Exner. It comes from herdsmen who worked with oxen. I chose it because it gave off a dignified feel to me, and that’s a quality that I wanted Miles’ last name to have.

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