All my favorite books have quotes I love in them. I can’t think of an exception to that. It’s a prerequisite for any book being a favorite. There have to be lines that stick with you, that you think about again long after finishing the book. That’s part of what makes the book great in the first place.

But I never feel like I have those lines in my own writing. I never feel like anything sticks out.

Since I’m biased, I can’t know if that’s because I don’t write anything quotable or if nothing stands out to me because I’m the writer. Typically, if I wonder about things like that, I’d look up an answer, but authors don’t write about this sort of thing.

I don’t blame them. Saying that your work should be quoted is on the conceited side, and talking about how to write profound statement that should be quoted sounds pretentious. It’s not a topic to talk about, and I think we all just assume that if a book is good, then it will have quotable moments.

And I’m not disagreeing. As I said before, I think that’s true. I just wonder what it feels like to have written something quotable. Because I’m not sure if I have or not, and I don’t know how one tells when they have. I have a sneaking feeling that you don’t know until the readers have it in their hands.

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