Aliens in Fantasy and The Society

My story The Society is a fantasy. It has the prerequisite witches and vampires and werewolves. The majority of fantasy creatures that you would expect to see are there. But there are other creatures too: aliens.

Yep. Aliens have their own place in my fantasy world. One of them is even an important character albeit one I have yet to bring up in what I’ve said about The Society before.

The idea behind it is that she’s not just an alien. Her people were another world’s equivalent of magical beings. When that world came to its end, her species escaped while the others (non-magical ones) died. Her importance in the story comes from the history of her people. While the character, Tabla, was born on earth, her people have handed down the story of their world ending, and the people as a whole are mournful.

Because they’ve gone through that, they view themselves as a source of wisdom for the magical beings on earth, and they try to lay their wisdom out there, even if it’s not always received. They’re very worried about earth making the same mistakes that their world did.

I don’t want to make it sound like Tabla is a character that has all the answers and someone who should be listened to all the time. She has a problem of thinking that earth is her home planet and fails to consider possible differences. And in some ways the distance they’ve kept from earth (preferring to stick to themselves) is a downfall when they try to interfere. Still, they think they know best and try to give as much wisdom as they can. That wisdom is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Deciding to fit aliens into the story was a spur of the moment decision while I was writing one day. I hadn’t planned on it until I wrote Tabla into the story, but now I’m absolutely in love with Tabla. The story would feel incomplete without her. While I suppose I could make her into a species native to earth through re-writes, it wouldn’t be quite the same. And I’ve become rather fascinated with the idea of aliens fitting into a fantasy world.

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