How Much Romance is Too Much Romance?

I’m facing an interesting conundrum with my story: I’m not sure what I want to do with the story’s romance. It’s not a romance story, so any romance that happens will be a side plot. Even with that decided, I’m uncertain what I’m doing with it.

There are two characters (and I’m going to keep this vague) who I know  I want to develop a relationship between. There’s another couple that’s a done deal, and there’s an asexual and aromantic character who is not going to have a romance. That much is basically set.

But those two relationships I mentioned are between characters that are of lesser importance. When it comes to my main characters, aside from Greta, I’m unsure what to do with them romantically.

I want friendship to be a heavier focus in the story. I’m always going on about how important I find friendship and how much I appreciate books that focus on it. I would like for friendship to come first in this story as well.

But I’m not against some level of romance. I just can’t decide what feels best for the characters and what feels right when fit into the larger story. I’ll just have to keep playing around with it to see.

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