The End

This was written in honor of Mockingjay Part 2 and was originally written much closer to the actual release date of the movie.

Her heart raced as she looked at the information on the website of all the different showings. She clicked on the 9:00 PM with a touch of anxiety.

She was excited, really she was. How could she not be? She’d been looking forward to this movie for a year, ever since the last one. Truthfully, she’d been looking forward to it for eight years when she’d picked up that first book and started to read.

But that was just it, wasn’t it? Seeing this movie was the close of yet another “era” of sorts. She got into something, was able to immerse herself in a world, but it always came to an end.

She enjoyed the endings. Happy or sad, they provided closure to the story. They made you feel like you’d truly gotten to watch a story that had a point to it. Sure the story itself was enough, but she could still say that the ending gave it all a point.

This story already had an ending. She could remember years ago, six to be exact, when she sat down to read that one too.

She loved that book, and she was already sure she would love this movie to. But this movie was an ending in and of itself, separate from the story. That ending she already knew. The movie brought with it the knowledge that the fandom would change. It would grow smaller perhaps, but even if it didn’t, there would be no knew material to fangirl over. There would only be the same story and material they already had.

Not a bad deal all things considered. She liked that material, cherished it even. She wanted this ending to help make it all feel complete.

She just wished the ending didn’t have to mean that it all came to an end.

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