Seasons of Writing

The idea of books having a season attached to them is strange to me unless we’re talking about holiday books. If a book revolves around Christmas, I get it being labelled a Christmas book. When people start talking about summer books or winter books, I’ve never quite gotten it. I get it logically, of course. I know people tend to describe books that take place in the summer or are light-hearted as “summer books.”

It’s just that I’ve never understood the concept of reading books based on season. I don’t tend to choose books based on season. Even when it comes to Christmas books, I don’t feel the need to re-read them just because it’s the holiday. The thought doesn’t enter my mind because I’m too busy reading books irregardless of season.

I’m not sure how much of a minority I’m in on that. Maybe I’m the majority and it just seems like more people read by season than they do. I’m not sure.

What I’ve begun wondering about is how much that influences the writing of others. When it comes to a book that would be labelled as “summer,” is that on the author’s mind when they’re writing. How common is it to write a book with a season in mind for it? Since I’ve never given so much as a second of thought to it, I can’t say anything about that. I’m curious though.

What interests me even more is how important season might be for a book. Despite not paying much attention to season when choosing what to read, I do recognize the effect season can have on the story, but I don’t think I pay as much attention as I should in my writing. I’ve begun to more. I’m a stickler for having clear cut timelines in my writing. I have what’s happening planned out to the exact day. I’ve always been much more caught up in making sure events are realistically planned out that what season fits best as been secondary.

I do wonder what paying attention to season could add to my stories, and I want it to be something I pay more attention to in the future.

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