Which Would You Choose?

Another flash fiction thing that’s purely dialogue. This was really only written because of a fond memory I have from my freshman year of high school. (But not meant to be the actual story of the memory.) Maybe you you probably can figure out who Lincoln and Sean actually are. (Clue, I was a high school freshman in 2009.) But I think it says a lot how you could easily insert a million different names.

“Lincoln is her soulmate. I don’t understand how you think she should be with Sean.”

“Because Sean’s a good guy. You only think Lincoln is awesome because you think he’s hot. If you take that away, he has no personality.”

“That is so not true. He loves her. He would do anything for her. Who wouldn’t want that? It’s the perfect relationship.”

“No, it’s sickening. Sean actually has a character, but she doesn’t deserve him anyway.”

“You have that all wrong, but it doesn’t matter because she doesn’t choose him anyway.”

“Just add that to the list of terrible decisions she makes.”

“No, no, no. Choosing Sean would have been stupid.”

“Will you two just shut up? God, I can’t listen to this anymore.”



“But how can you-”

“For the love of god!”

One thought on “Which Would You Choose?

  1. I actually like this idea of a dialogue only flash fiction. Even though it is purely dialogue, I like how I still get a sense of both of the characters. The story is still painted vividly even without a narrator. One thing I would clear up is who is talking when. It got a little confusing towards the end because it seemed like a third person came into the conversation.


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