I have this document that’s a list of story ideas. When I look at it, it’s hard not to feel intimidated. The thing is, I don’t add to it that often. My inspiration for a new stories comes rarely. Primarily because I become too consumed with the stories I’m currently working on to think much about new ones.

When I do have ideas for new stories, though, I’ve realized that they tend to come in groups. Over the course of two days, I’ll add a handful of ideas to that document. This is typically the same time when I’m preparing to write a new story, so it’s to be expected that I would be coming up with story ideas at those times more than any other.

However, my tendency to add several ideas at once isn’t helping how long the list is. I highly doubt I will ever manage to write everything on that list. (I mean, maybe I’ll manage to accomplish what’s currently on there, but I’m sure that by then I’ll have only added more.) I don’t really need new ideas when I add them, and there are times where I just wish the inspiration would stop and give me some time (or a lot of time) to accomplish the ideas I already have.

Now, I don’t want you walking away from this post thinking I’m an abundant spring of ideas. Like I mentioned, these inspired moments are few and far between, and I do have to stress that not all of them stay on the list until written. (I have this habit of adding to the list late at night. After doing that, I always need to go through it the next day to see what I can make sense of.)

I’m never sure how to feel when I look at the list. On one hand, I just want to have more and more ideas. On the other, I want to write about every idea I have, which is something I know that I’ll never manage. Like so many things, I guess it’s both a curse and a blessing.

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