Guilty Pleasure

Kylie lifted herself up onto the low wall, plugging in her earbuds and watching her classmates carry on around her. Opening her phone, she scrolled through her music, careful to glance around to judge if anyone else was able to see her screen.

She chose the artist quickly, closing the phone before anyone got too close. Her eyes flickered around despite Kylie knowing how obvious it made her look.

Even with the phone closed, she swore that the screen was shining the artist’s name out into the word. Maybe everyone could hear her music through the earbuds no matter how many times she’d checked at home that the current volume didn’t allow for that.

The song playing was her favorite, the song that often cheered her up when she was at her lowest, but right then, it was making her uncomfortable. It felt like a target had been painted on her back as she listened.

She was working on that.

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