Been There, Read ThatA blog devoted to books and, sometimes, more personal topics.

My FanfictionI have long written fanfiction for a variety of fandoms.

Tag Wrangler: Currently, I volunteer as a tag wrangler for the fanfiction website Archive of Our Own. This means that when writers add tags to their work, I’m one of the people responsible for sorting them (primarily by linking similar tags together) to make the works easily searchable. I work in a number of smaller fandoms by myself and a handful of larger fandoms as part of a group.

Youtube: I have been making Youtube videos about various fandom topics (and sometimes other things) since I was in high school.

Novels: I am currently working on a series of urban fantasy novels. These books are often mentioned in my posts on this blog as I document the process of writing them.

Articles: Below you can find several articles that I have written.

“Introduction to Fandom”
“Fandom” is a term that is becoming more common every day. This article is meant to provide a brief introduction to the world of fandom, but it is by no means all-inclusive.

“‘Salute’ by Little Mix – album review”
British girl group Little Mix released their sophomore album Salute on February 4th in the United States, and the album managed to debut at number 6 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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