Recently, I got the urge to experiment with poetry again even though it always turns out horribly. We’re starting off with a haiku because the first poem I ever wrote was a haiku and this is about an experience in Japan, so why not?

Greens and blues contrast
Angry water of the sea—
Small typhoons abound

“He” Droid

A diamante poem. Of sorts. Written in response to multiple discussions about whether or not R2-D2 and BB-8 should be referred to as “he.”

Inorganic, programmed
Beeping, computing, rolling
Built by humans, construct of humans
Reproducing? Living? Feeling?
Chosen? Default?

Poetry: Sawdust

Nothing satisfies,
Not milk, not honey.

Sawdust, all of it.
I didn’t ask for this.

Except I did.

But I didn’t know it would be like this.

No going back now.
I must pay the price.

Others try to stop it,
But they see the honey,
Not the sawdust.
The disconnect, the gap,
It’s too much.

They can’t turn the water into wine.

I can’t turn the water into wine.
I can’t turn the water clean.

It’s all just sawdust.

Poetry: Mirror or Model

We’re taking a break from my experiments with different forms, and today we’re doing another one where I blurt things out without thinking about any sort of form.

I want to be like them.
I see them in me.

Which is it?
Which wins?

“I relate to…”
Do I really?
Or do I want to?

Are they mirrors?
Or are they models?

They came after,
But, perhaps, before.

When does me exist?
Always. New me every second.

They exist as concrete,
Unchanging once printed.

Don’t have that luxury.
Reading them, a new me.

One came after, reflects them,
Not the other way ’round.

Poetry: I’m Just a Guy

The attempt at different forms of poetry continues. This time I’m trying out a simple rondeau, which I’ve never tried to write before.

I’m just a guy.
I can be what I want,
No matter the price.
I’m just a guy.
I’ll do what I please,
As that’s the way it should be.
I’m just a guy.
I can be what I want.

Poetry: Bad Movies

If you can’t tell, recently I’ve been trying to experiment with different forms of poetry to varying degrees of success. I decided on haiku today, and yes, that’s just the slightest bit of  a cop out because writing a bad haiku is relatively easy. (And this haiku is definitely bad.) Fun fact: a haiku was the only bit of poetry I ever had to write in high school.

She stares at the screen.
This is as bad as can be.
Doesn’t want to see.

Poetry: Phoenix

An attempt at an acrostic poem. Yes, I ended it that way because I’d challenged myself to use phoenix, and it was a terrible idea. I honestly think this is one of the most terrible things I’ve ever written, but the attempt is getting posted anyway.

Playing in my mind all the time,
Harry’s epic adventures run
On and on and on.
Evermore they will last.
Never to fade while we remain
It’s always there to welcome us home.

Poetry: Praise

Usually, my poetry attempts don’t fit any particular form, but today I’ve written an attempt at a limerick. I guess it was just time to shake things up and challenge myself in a different way.

I scroll through my feed.
Makes no sense to me.
One praises the same
That on the other is blame.
Gender, the only difference to see.

Poetry: Noise

Same comments as always with these, I’m not entirely sure what this is, and it’s more me playing around than anything else.

Strings dragging across strings,
His face scrunches.
It’s that or covering his ears.

Rude of him as that’d be,
It’s tempting.

A concert was what he’d come to see
To hear.
Instead, he had noise.

Noise without flow.
Everything thrown out at random.

Poetry: The Moon

As always, I don’t claim that this is good. Actually, I wrote this a while ago, and I hardly remember even writing it if I’m honest.

Large and round in the sky
Rock and Rock
They’re both the same

Yet one teaming with life
The other not
Forced to spin as a lesser
All its existence

Always inadequate
But never alone